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SJE Corporation Testimonials - Industrial portable steam cleaner
Industrial steam cleaning machines for sale
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Why Steam?


The Optima Steamer is amazing. I've been detailing cars as a mobile service for about 6 years now and always hated dealing with water run-off polluting the ocean in my home town of San Diego, not to mention the city restrictions on water usage and the hassle it was to lay down a wash mat and reclaim all of my water. ..Read More
I came across the Optima Steamer and went to Steamericas for a first hand demonstration and I was sold immediately. The machine cost me about the same as it would have cost to purchase a new pressure washer set up (tank, pressure washer, wash mat, reclamation tank, etc). The majority of my customers have very high-end vehicles ( Aston Martins, Ferrari and even a Maybach) and with the Optima, I can clean dirty exteriors without worrying about water run-off like conventional systems, and I never have to worry about damaging paint or leaving scratches behind, which can happen when using Waterless cleaners.
I also use it to clean interiors and was recently called out to a local Honda dealership to remove left-over stains on the seats of a mini van after it had been cleaned with an extractor by their on-site detailers. After I used the Optima Steamer, the seats looked new and the odor in the car that was generated by the stains was gone. The dealership was very happy and I am now a working vendor with them. The Optima has been vital in the growth of my business. It has simplified my process and helped me gain new customers in water sensitive areas like parking garages. And to any detailers looking to get new business... The Optima is a real head turner. When I am out working in public, it seems like every single person that passes by has to stop and ask questions "is that steam?", A great way to spread word about your business and keep people talking!!!

I purchased and used Optima Steamer in Turkey. I was very satisfied with its excellent performance.
It wasn’t so difficult to use, maneuverable, required little maintenance.  I am so happy that I could have a chance to see the machine and learn new technology and work together with SJE.
  • Mohammed Al Juburi / Baghdad, Iraq
  • Fast Steps Co. for General Trading and Contracting

  • Mr. Faisal K. / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Excellent in cleaning with amazing brightness in car paint from the first time of using.  I have tested to remove a special layer sprayed out to protect the car from sand storm during my travel  and it was easy to remove with no chemical support at all and with 0% impact on car paint
  • Mr. Faisal K. / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

When one of my friends told me that in many other countries Steam is used to wash the car and that to only with 5 litres of water.  How is it possible? Is traditional car wash business going to change? ..Read More
Then I searched for many products of different countries. What I liked the most about Optima Steamer was its eye-catching design and quality.  When I saw the potential of this machine, I thought why not I should spread this idea?  As this machine saves substantial amount of water and also reduces daily consumption of chemicals.

What makes Optima Steamer an unique product is its maintenance-free design and world-wide reputation.

After using Optima Steamer, my traditional car wash business has changed to a smart and professional car wash business.  With Optima Steamer, I can also provide door step service. My workers look neat and clean.  My customers are now more satisfied with the internal hygiene of the car. Thank you Optima!
  • Parag Khokle / Chattisgarh, India
  • Steam Buddy

  • I am just writing to tell you that I have had my Optima for a week now and I must say it is the most amazing piece of Equipment, I have detailed my Wife and Sons vehicles to practice on and the results were incredible, I am so pleased with it I can't tell you how much!!, I hope my Business becomes so busy I have to order another one!!.. Thanks again, it was a real pleasure and so easy dealing with your Company and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your products to others.
  • Mr. Steve B. / Alberta, Canada
  • Lethbridge Auto Detailing (www.lethbridgeautodetailing.com)
  • Mr. Steve B. / Alberta, Canada

We are honored to be a sole distributor for Korea, SJE Corporation Ltd. in China.  We haven’t found any single product which is better than OPTIMA Steamer in terms of quality and performance. ..Read More
Dongying Huasheng has more than 500 Auto beauty chain shops. Most of our chain shops use OPTIMA Steamers.  OPTIMA Steamer is effective to clean car paint, deeply clean the engine and sanitize interior of vehicle using high temperature steam.  Our customers are satisfied with the machine.
Now OPTIMA Steamers are very popular in China. We strive to create positive benefits under the joint efforts and cooperation between SJE and Huasheng in China.
The main reason we chose SJE products was that we consider the quality of the product and its performance.  All these years, we've continued to import products from European countries to China such as Italy, Germany, France, and Korea.  We had series of meetings with Mr. Yoo, the president of SJE, and he also came to China for market examination, and we reached a consensus.  We made a series of tests and then started promoting in China. The result was satisfactory.
We decided to become an exclusive distributor in China. At present, we use OPTIMA Steamer in healthcare industry.  It is highly effective to clean and sterilize ambulatory equipment, hospital beds, elevators, surgical equipment in the places where a broad range of surfaces  and equipment are routinely sanitized. OPTIMA Steamer can be used in hotels, food processing factories, and Automotive industry.  As we're aware of the fact that interior of vehicle is vulnerable to bacteria breeding, thus, needs to clean on a regular basis.  For the engine cleaning, we used to use high pressure washers to do the job but caused an electric short-circuit.  PTIMA Steamer can perfectly substitute the position of high pressure washer and we can achieve the better cleaning effect. So we use steam machine a lot in Automotive industry.
  • 刘一诺 / 山东, 中国   Shandong, China
  • 东营华胜工贸有限责任公司
    Dongying Huasheng Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd

  • Mr. Christopher L. / Singapore
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  • In Oct 2009 I was looking around the internet for a business that I could do to supplement my income and be my own boss.  I came across SJE Engineering Optima Steamer!!! What a marvelous machine it is. I have since purchased a machine to use as my mobile carwash and detailing service!!!  The Optima is a fantastic machine. Elegant yet powerful in its cleaning purpose. ..Read More
    It is definitely eco friendly as it cleans without chemicals and uses the power of its steam to clean.  My customers are surprised at the little amount of water it utilises to clean their car!!  The perception of having to use a large amount of water is gone now that they have seen the cleaning power of the Optima Steamer!!!  They are amazed at how the steam power can reach even the most intricate spaces of their cars especially the engine components and compartments!!!  Not only that some of my motorbike customers are so happy with the steam cleaning as it reaches every corner of their motorbike engine  and those hard to reach areas that all performance motorbikes have!!! My Optima DMF Steamer is a wonderful machine!! SJE Engineering WELL DONE!!! Close
    • Mr. Christopher L. / Singapore

  • Javier V. / California, USA.
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  • Tengo casi veinte anos trabajando en body shop y limpiezas al mas alto nivel, por favor crean me he mejorado muchisimo en tiempo y calidad,  o si no no estaria recomendandoles esta espectacular maquina. ..Read More
    Hace aproximadamente ya casi tres meses que decidi comprarme la Optima Steamer DMF, la razon primera es porque mi servicio es movil,  y ahorro muchisimo tiempo. Tanto no solamente en el; problema del agua sino que tambien,en productos desengrasantes.  La Optima Steamer DMF, es una maquina que es muy sencilla para manejarla el mantenimiento es sumamente sencillo y de bajo costo.  En sintesis realmente vas a ser un verdadero profesional del auto detailing, con al Optima Steamer DMF.
    • 1) vas ahorrar agua que aca en Los Angeles es tremendamente importante y el dinero en quimico ni te digo ya lo veras despues que compres una.
    • 2) vas a ahorrar tiempo y no solo eso sino que es increible la calidad del servicio despues que terminas de limpiar.
    • 3) abarcas mas clientes y terminas menos cansado y disminuis el esstres.
    • 4) no se deja un tiradero de agua que aparte se ve ridiculo y horrible.
    • Javier V. / California, USA.
    • Green Planet (greenworldetailing@yahoo.com)
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